Graphics Design Course

Graphic Design is one of the most demanding jobs in both online and offline. It is an art form created with images, texts and objects to convey a message to viewers. Usually, visualizing has long term effect on viewers’ mind which ultimately results in more reliability for any organization.

The working scope in this sector is huge. Graphic design jobs are needed to make creative logos, designing brochures, newsletters and flyers, display banners, website mockups, billboard advertising, editorial and information design, corporate identity and so on.

With graphic designing skill a person can show his talent ranging from junior designer to creative director, both in electronic and print media.

Therefore, to ensure a bright career in graphic designing, the first thing you need to do is, finding the best graphic design course. And as per the best one is concerned, Nebulas IT offers the best Graphic Design course in Dhaka.

What are included in our Graphic Design course?

If you choose Nebulas IT to complete Graphic Design course, you will get to learn the following things-

  • Basics of Graphic design
  • Computer application and multimedia
  • Media management
  • Digital drawing and illustration
  • Internet knowledge
  • Color studying
  • Typography
  • Various project works like business card, Logo, flyer, banner, brochure, web template and many more.

Included Software:

The softwares you can learn with us are as follows-

  • MS power point 2007-2013
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 – CC
  • Adobe illustrator CS6 – CC
  • Adobe in-design CS6 – CC

Why you would choose Nebulas IT for graphic design course:

Nebulas IT believes in practical learning and here you will enjoy well arrangements of experienced mentors to ensure the best for you. We don’t provide just certificates, rather we make skilled and expert graphic designers who would lead the industry in near future. Not to mention, the graphic designing services provided by Nebulas IT is popular among users.

However, if you are eager to find the best Graphic Design course in Mirpur, Nebulas It might be the best option for your better future.

Graphic design is one of the trendy jobs in the freelancing sector. Not only in the freelancing sector, it is also a prestigious job in the offline sector. If anyone has this skill, he or she won’t face the scarcity of job anywhere. Graphic design job is needed in media and web design, printing and packaging, animation and illustration, magazines and books, billboards and posters, art and creative direction, corporate identity and communication, editorial design and many more related sectors. In a nutshell, if a person can acquire graphic design skill, there are plenty of options available for him both in online and offline, ranging from a designer to art director in electronic or print media.

To ensure such a tempting career in graphic designing, the first thing you need to do is finding the best graphic design training. If we talk about graphics training in Dhaka, Nebulas IT is providing complete training on graphic design. With experienced teachers and quality course module, Nebulas IT has secured its place as one of the best graphic design training centers in Dhaka. And as the IT center is situated in Mirpur, if you are looking for the best graphics training in Mirpur, this one would be the best option for you. In our graphics training course, we design our syllabus in such a way that every student can keep pace with the latest updates.

To get jobs in different marketplaces, it’s very useful to have client reference and well-organized work samples. Especially, for newbies, it’s very helpful to get a job smoothly and within a short time. To assist in the process, we provide client reference and work samples for our students. To display work skill, you first need to get the opportunity of doing a project. If anyone refers you for a particular job, it becomes easier. And when a client places a job post and asks for previous work sample, it’s important to submit a well-organized and proper work sample. Therefore, we make our students ready with live projects.

All in all, if you receive graphic design training from Nebulas IT, one of the best graphics training centers in Dhaka, a bright and secured career is waiting ahead for you.