Web Design Training

Web design is one of the leading and prestigious jobs in the freelancing sector. It’s competitive also. The demand for a professional designer is increasing day by day. Because almost all the companies and other organizations are now having a website to grow business. So, here also the competition is increasing with time. The brand or business that has a well-designed and responsive website, which will be able to attract visitors to stay longer on the website. Therefore, to cope with the competitive market, you must acquire the skill. And finding the best Web design training center is of crucial importance to learn properly.

Nebulas IT is such an institution that offers best web design training in Dhaka. With experienced trainers and extraordinary courses, we prepare our students competent enough to cope with the progressing world. We design our syllabus carefully so that students can remain updated with current trends, technologies, and technics.

We train people of every age and class. Students, housewives, job holders or anyone who have a passion for learning something new and possess creativity can join our training. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience, our web design course will add value for you.

As this training center is located at Mirpur, if you are a resident of Mirpur, it would be the best option for you.

What’s included in our web design training:

We emphasize proper and detailed learning because there is no shortcut in the way of success. We train our students to use the necessary professional tools, language, and framework. Here are some of them:

  • Advanced HTML 5 & XHTML
  • CSS framework and advanced CSS.
  • Usage and customization of Javascript
  • Jquery framework
  • Adobe Flash CS5 animation
  • Professional template design with web 2.0
  • WordPress CMS website design
  • Joomla CMS website design
  • Magento web design for E-commerce sites
  • Designing layout for the blog, facebook, and twitter
  • PHP programming
  • MySQL database programming

If you have learning zeal and complete this web design training sincerely, you are sure to get a successful career in web designing. Then why delay? Make a well thought decision and be succeeded.

With digitalization of every sector, businesses are also being more online oriented. Now, to get new customers and engaging existing ones, there is no alternative to having a website for every business. And having a random website is not enough, rather you must have an easily accessible and attractive website that will compel visitors to stay longer at your website. As now people are being more and more smartphone dependent, it’s important to make your website mobile friendly also. Improved user experience is the ultimate thing to improve online sale and conversion.  And to achieve all these, all you need to complete a web design course from a reliable web design training center.

Nebulas IT is such an institution that offers high-quality web design courses. To complete this course you don’t have to have any educational certificate. All you need to have strong determination to be skilled and building a career in web designing sector. Students, job holder, housewives- anyone can learn this skill and earn a handsome amount working from own residence. We have designed our course modules in such a way that who are absolutely new in this sector can learn easily and who have experienced can learn new skills. In a word, here we provide all necessary guidelines to make a professional web designer.

Nebulas IT’s web design course outline:

  1. HTML(the core part of web designing)
  • HTML tags from A to Z
  • Executing HTML tags according to the requirements
  • Innovative HTML practices
  • Designing an HTML site using a notepad
  • Proper usage of notepad and Dreamweaver
  1. 2. Cascading stylesheet( designing the pages)
  • Fundamentals of color code, measuring units and layouts in CSS
  • Basics of stylesheet practices
  • Advanced and innovative stylesheet practices
  1. 3. Javascript:
  • Client-side programming basics
  • Popular usages of Javascript along with HTML
  • Jquery
  • Basics of Jquery
  1. Dreamweaver and additional HTML editor:
  • Designing templates using Dreamweaver
  • Usage of Dreamweaver
  • Basics of HTML
  1. WordPress and other CMS:
  • Basics of WordPress
  • WordPress theme customization
  • Basic WordPress plugin development
  • WordPress theme development

There are many more things you might want to know. For more information contact Nebulas IT. Completing professional web design course with Nebulas IT, secure your bright online career.