Web Development Training

In this digital era, businesses are becoming more and more website dependent. According to a study, more than 500 websites are being built in a minute. From this statistics, you can easily assume how rapidly the web development sector is growing. In recent years it has become one of the best tech jobs in the world. To build an attractive and successful career in web developing, a complete and well-organized training. Nebulas IT is one of the leading IT centers that offers a comprehensive web development course.

Many people think that web development and web designing are the same things. Actually, web development refers to the main non-design characteristics of creating a website like coding and markup. In a word, creating a website and then developing it is the main task of a web developer. In the freelancing sector, this job is highly in demand. Here you can work closely with clients to develop their websites through creating applications, removing bugs from applications, writing code, video, audio, web server security configuration, e-commerce development, and website’s traffic monitoring.

What’s included in the course:

The things you would get to learn in this course are stated below:

  • The concept of web design
  • Static website development
  • Dynamic website development
  • PHP row coding
  • WordPress theme development
  • WordPress plugin development
  • Website security
  • PHP framework
  • Live project

Why you would choose Nebulas IT for web development course:

Nebulas IT is one of the most reliable IT training centers that provide assistance for both the newbies and those who have medium level experience of live project handling. Here you will get teachers who are highly experienced in handling big projects on web developing. They will provide you with brilliant techniques and the latest updates to ensure smooth performance.

Overall, if you are in search of the best web development course in Dhaka, more specifically, in Mirpur, this Nebulas IT would be the perfect choice for you. This course might be that dream course that can change your fate. All you need to have is passion and sincerity towards this sector.