Basic Computer Training

৳ 6,000.00

No student enrolled

Course Price : Taka 6000.00 Number of Classes : 120 Minute/Day (Total 32:00:00 Hours)
Days :  As per Students Requirement Weekly Classes :  2 Classes
Class Hour : 2 hours Time : As per Students Requirement


The goal of this class is to teach general, beginning skills for Windows PC’s and Microsoft Word.  The lessons include:
  •  Physical components of the computer
  • Microsoft Windows navigation
  • Microsoft Word basic commands (cursors and special keys, formatting, toolbars)
  • Introduction to the Internet
  • Typing (Mavis Beacon)

Class Outline

  •  The class outline is a suggested sequence for lessons.  The intent is to present these topics in a logical order that ensures each new topic has a foundation as skills are added.  The outline has links to Teacher Notes.  Both the Class Outline and the Teacher Notes have references to Handouts and Activities that may be used to reinforce the lessons.

Teacher Notes

  •  The teacher notes provide more details on the content for each lesson.  The notes also have references to activities and/or handouts that support the lesson.  The Activities are prepared text to be used as exercises to help illustrate the lesson.  The class outline suggests activities for most lessons but the teacher can select whichever is appropriate or use other examples.

Basic Computer Skills Survey

  • A simple questionnaire can assess the incoming skill level and help to pace the class.  The same test given on the last day of class provides feedback for class improvements.
  • The student skill assessments, both pre and post, are paper and pencil tests; this avoids problems due to lack of computer skills.


  • The adult students have limited knowledge of how computers work.
  • They may not have typing skills or know how to use a mouse.
  • The instructor has a good understanding of MS Windows and MS Word.
  • The lesson plans are a guide for each topic, not a full instruction set.
  • Each lesson is a unit that can be taught over multiple days or combined with other lessons on one day.
  • This allows the instructor to pace each class for the skill level of the students.
  • The computer classroom will have the following resources:
    • Windows XP
    • MS Office 2003
    • A typing program (e.g. Mavis Beacon)
    • Access to the internal hard drive or removable storage for student files (flash drives or CD’s)

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