Professional AutoCAD

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Course Price: Taka 20,000.00 Number of Classes: 120 Minute/Day (Total 48:00:00 Hours)
Days: As per Students Requirement Weekly Classes: 2 Classes
Class Hour: 2 hours Time: As per Students Requirement

Overview of AutoCAD Learning and Instruction Programs:

  • AutoCAD is a computer-aided design software application used for drafting and design. Community colleges, technical institutes and vocational schools offer certificates and associate’s degrees in AutoCAD.

Essential Information:

  • Some schools offer certificate programs specifically in AutoCAD, while others may cover the software in broader drafting or computer-aided design certificate programs. AutoCAD is often part of associate’s programs in drafting and computer-aided design as well. In all of these programs, students learn the basics of using this software through hands-on work and traditional lecture-style courses.